Making a Light Tent

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately for the site and I wanted to make them look a little bit more professional.  My photography skills are limited, but using a Light Tent helps me get some pictures that don’t look half bad!


  • Cardboard Box – I used a 14″x14″x14″ box, but other sizes would work well too.
  • Tissue Paper – Regular tissue paper used for wrapping gifts.  Alternatively, you could use a thin white cloth instead.
  • Cardboard – Used to curve from the floor of the box up to the top.
  • Lamp – At Lowes I found a cheap work lamp that could be clamped onto a chair.
  • Light Bulb – “Natural Daylight” bulb from Lowes.  This is important because normal bulbs will give off a yellow tint.  The daylight bulbs have a color temperature of 5000k, which is much more natural.

Making the Box:

To make the box, I simply cut squares into 3 of the sides about 2 inches from the edge of the box.

After the holes were cut, I taped the tissue paper over the holes to diffuse the light entering the box.  Finally, I cut a piece of cardboard to stick inside so that it would curve from the bottom of the box up to the  top.  This makes it so the edge of the box doesn’t show up in the photos.

After clamping the lights and pointing them at the tissue paper, I had a Light Tent!

Behold the Light Tent!


I am by no means a pro photographer, but I am still very happy with the results!

Here I used Photoshop to edit the background a bit.

I also tried using a green piece of cardboard.


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