Labeling/Waxing Homebrews

Recently I helped a friend brew his first batch of beer, and we wanted to go all out with the bottles!  Here’s a quick guide to how we labeled and waxed our bottles of delicious homebrew.


To wax the bottles we used:

  1. 20 Mini Glue Sticks
  2. 2 Jumbo Crayons

Using this quantity got us about 15 bottles worth of wax.  Since we had 30 bottles, we made another can of wax using 20 additional glue sticks and two more jumbo crayons.

Ready to be turned into wax!

Step 1

To melt everything together we used a soup can that was wide enough for us to dunk the bottles in.  First we added the 20 glue sticks to the can, with the burner set to low:

Smells like burning glue.

After the glue was mostly melted, we broke the crayons up and added them to the can:

Melting the red crayons.

After foraging around in the woods, I found a stick that could be used for stirring:

Only the finest stick will do.

Eventually the wax had a smooth and even consistency.  We turned the heat down to the lowest setting to begin dipping.

Sticking the bottle straight down into the can and then pulling it out was a little tricky.  I found that if I spun the bottle while turning it right side up, it would drip more evenly instead of all just dripping down one side of the bottle.


Green too!

Overall this method worked extremely well, and the bottles look great!

I’m not sure what happened here.


To label our bottles we simply printed out our labels on a color laser printer and dipped them in skim milk.  Then, after rolling the labels onto the bottles we patted them dry with a paper towel.  This method works great; the labels stick to the bottle very well and even the corners of the label stay flat.  Another benefit to this method is that the labels are very easy to wash off when it comes time to reuse the bottles for more homebrews!

Skim milk, labels, and bottles.

Dipping the labels in the milk.

Rolling the label onto the bottle.

Looking good!

Bonus Lynx Charms!

Group shot!


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